Fifth Grade



  • Bible – Possessing the Land (a survey of the Old Testament)
  • Math – place value of whole numbers & decimals; addition, subtraction, multiplication, & division of whole numbers, decimals, & fractions; geometry; number theory; ratios; percents; metric measurements; graphing
  • Language – verbs, nouns & sentences; pronouns; modifiers; prepositions; conjunctions; interjections; use of encyclopedias; punctuation; quotations, capitals; book reports with outlines; dictionary skills; thesaurus; direct objects, predicates
  • Reading – weekly stories that relate to subject matter
  • Spelling – weekly units to build vocabulary
  • History/Social Studies – chronological overview of U.S. History and study of individual states with reports
  • Science – scientific investigations; the water cycle; nutrition; cells; space & solar systems; motion & forces; things that move; agriculture & forestry; science projects
  • Art- an overview of visual arts, music, drama, and dance