Third Grade



Bible – The life of Jesus and the beginning of the Church

Math – Addition & subtraction with regrouping; multiplication; introduction to long division and measurement

Language – Study of grammar with rules and practice through written examples, repetition and review; dictionary skills

Reading – Emphasize comprehension and develop phonic skills; reader used develops love for reading and encourages growth in Christian character

Social Studies – History, geography, economics, culture & government while emphasizing Christian character and attitudes; studying the American Frontier, the 50 States, the Civil War, and the Transcontinental Railroad

Science – Circulatory & respiratory systems; heat & temperature; forces and electricity; plants and soil and natural resources

Writing – The writing process, 6 plus 1 traits writing framework, Writer’s Workshop combined into a comprehensive writing program

Peacemaker Program—Teaching students to respond to conflict God’s way

P.E. – Exercise, kickball, softball, basketball, soccer, agility skills