From the Desk of Mrs. Tanovitz (1st Grade)

First grade is having a fun time investigating insects. Finding out a spider, worm, centipede, and a snail aren’t an insect makes the investigation more interesting. Seeing lady bugs eat aphids up close makes bug viewing even more fascinating. We’re working on posters to go with our chosen insect and it has been a blast! Science is my favorite subject, and I hope I am instilling a love of science in each of these little scientists. God is so apparent in the world around us, and seeing that up close is awesome.


From the Desk of Mrs. Nass (Kindergarten)

The Kindergartners are so blessed because of their Sixth Grade Buddies. Every Tuesday morning the Sixth Graders help their K Buddies read for the first half hour of the day. In addition, the 6th Graders accompanied us on two science field trips and a team day. Recently, the 6th Graders and Kindergarten went to Chabot Space and Science Center. Each 6th Grader toured the center with his/her buddy. It was a delight to see the 6th Graders reading and explaining God’s amazing universe to the Kindergartners. In the planetarium, we enjoyed an imaginary trip together in a cardboard rocket ship all the way from Mercury to Pluto and back. The Kindergartners are now compiling some interesting facts about each planet. Thank you, 6th Graders and Mr. Keane for helping us learn.


All-School Panoramic Pictures

The All School Picture will be taken Tuesday, March 17, at 9:00AM and the Band Picture will follow immediately after. Flyers will be coming home today with your child. Those in band will have a payment envelope separate from the All School envelope. There are “no late orders” so be sure to bring your money and envelope on Tuesday.


Open House

Teachers are busy getting ready to showcase the fabulous work your children have been doing this year. We couldn’t be more excited to open our campus to celebrate the learning and creativity that is taking place in our classrooms. We are very proud of our kids!

Spread the good word about YVCS! To RSVP for this event and to invite friends and neighbors, click here.

Look for re-enrollment paperwork at Open House in the School Office. Registration begins on February 1


Merry Christmas

Dear YVCS Families and Friends,
The wonder and majesty of the Christmas season is upon us once again!
So as we move closer to our “day of celebration” please remember that God chose to bring His son into the world not with fanfare but in the humblest of situations. Few were gathered that night in the stable and a life was begun that has made all of our lives so rich and fulfilling. As we celebrate this most special of seasons, be of good cheer for “unto to us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government shall be upon His shoulders. And He will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.” (Isaiah 9:6)
As we approach the end of this calendar year, we pray that you can look back upon 2014 and thank the Lord for His grace and provision. He has sustained our school through trials and yet, through it all, we are still a wonderful example of how God has blessed YVCS! We want to take this opportunity to thank you all for entrusting us with your children and to provide the option for you to make an “end-of-the-year” donation. Your gift is tax deductible gift would be of great blessing to the school as the Lord moves us forward into 2015.
God bless you all as you prayerfully consider how your donation might further the school’s mission.
We pray your Christmas is wonderfully humble. God bless you all and have a joyous Christmas!
YVCS Leadership Team 2014-15


YVCS School Board

Happy Friday to Everyone!

I want to update all the parents on our progress this school year from the school board perspective. I am reminded of how many things we have to be grateful for this school year as I walk through campus and see all of the happy smiling children our school serves. We had planned our budget around an enrollment of 100 students this year and we are well above that number with 110 students enrolled right now. This means financially we are on solid ground. This is a blessing but we will continue to speak to new families and spread the good word about our mission to create well educated, new disciples.

Another blessing has been our new staff and how well they have fit in. I’m hearing all positive things about Mr. Araujo, Mrs. Utterback, Mrs. Copland, Mrs. Kagawan and Mrs. T. And on another positive note our school band director, Mr. Van Lieu has been busy recruiting home school children to join our existing membership. We have welcomed 7 new band students since the beginning of the school year. This is a wonderful opportunity for us to touch additional children and their families in a positive way and continue to lead and disciple in a Godly fashion.

For those of you who are newer to the school, the school board served in a very administrative fashion last year. We did this by necessity as the school was in a critical financial situation and was operating without a principal. The Teacher leadership team of Mrs. Larsen, Mrs. Kerr, Mrs. Nass and Mrs. Grieb are functioning as the administrative body of our school and doing a wonderful job of it. Your school board is and should be the body that creates and oversees the governing principles of the school. This means the board creates the ideals that our school is built on and follows both on a daily and long term basis. If you have questions about what we do please feel free to ask me or any of the other school board members about our mission statement and vision for the future of our school. Have a blessed day!

Brett Barnes
YVCS School Board Chairman


Leadership Team






We praise God for His many blessings. Our enrollment continues to increase. Thankfully, we are well within budget. Due to generous gifts, beyond budget, we have purchased math, Spanish, and music curriculum, a document camera, laptop, and budgeting software. We appreciate the several iPads donated by Berean Christian High School. We are thankful for the many volunteers that help in our classrooms and other projects. It is a joy to serve with creative, thoughtful, hardworking educators who love the Lord and your children. It is a privilege to serve our children and our families. God is good!

Gwen Larsen
Leadership Team 2014-15



As we finish this fifth week of school we are thankful for the many new students that have joined our school family. The children are enjoying their new friends. Their smiles light up our campus! Teachers new to our school are working like pros, sharing our passion for the children, their education, and the Lord. Their commitment, creativity, and work ethic amazes me!

Our mantra last January continues to be Safety First! Children are never to be unattended, anywhere on campus. Afterschool, parents, be careful and alert in our busy parking lot. Always use the crosswalk. Feel free to enjoy our playground with your children, but keep them under your watchful eye.

Progress Reports will be sent home Monday afternoon. Do not wait until first quarter grades to address issues of concern. We teachers are committed to excellence. Contact us with questions or concerns. We are here to help!

Mrs. Larsen
Leadership Team 2014-15


New BAND Members

Join our Band Director, Mr. VanLiew, at Rockin’ Robbie’s/East Bay Music, Monday, August 18, 1PM for an Instrument Petting Zoo. All band instruments will be available to experiment & play. The children will get a feel for the different instruments and select the one that best suits them. The Instrument Petting Zoo will be set up and available if you visit after the 18th. You may rent or purchase through another venue if you wish.
C & L Music
2395 Monument Blvd, Concord
(925) 686-6122


Ice Cream & Family Games

Wednesday, August 20, 6:30PM
Join us as we welcome new families to our school!