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Monday Mail

Dear Parents,

It’s that time of year again – the time when we designate a week of our instruction to evaluating and assessing what our students have learned this year. Next Monday we will begin our Terra Nova testing. This test is very important to us. The data that we glean from school wide assessment helps us to see school wide our areas of strength as well as those areas where we can improve. This data also helps you as a parent understand your child’s specific areas of strength and areas where there is opportunity for growth.

We ask that you begin preparing your kids – even this week – with regular bedtimes and a healthy breakfast. As parents, we know that this time of year it’s easy to slip out of these routines. However, if you take this week as an opportunity to strengthen your daily family rhythms and work out the kinks, your children will reap the rewards next week as they spend their days testing.

Thank you for your attention to these things! May God bless you in the day to day details of your family life.

The Leadership Team


Scholarship Benefit Event

At YVCS, making quality Christian education available to all has always been a core part of our ministry.  We proudly grant over $35,000.00 per school year in the form of scholarships for those who need them.  To further this effort, this year we are hosting an amazing evening of fellowship, music, comedy and good food.  Please click on the attached picture for details.  Tickets and information available at http://yvcs.eventbrite.com.   Feel free to email or call us for further information on what promises to be an unforgetful event.


Monday Mail

Dear Parents,

It’s full steam ahead here at YVCS! The teachers have been busy planning creative and challenging lesson plans, scheduling enriching field trips, and over all making sure that the learning in their classrooms is as engaging as possible.

Not only are the teachers and staff working hard around campus, Mr. Gillespie has been working hard on planning and developing chapels that speak deeply to the spiritual lives of our students. Thank you, Mr. Gillespie, for your hard work and support for our chapel time!

As we walk through this season of lent, we are shifting our chapel focus each week to set our hearts on the passion week of Christ, His crucifixion, and ultimately, resurrection. Our desire is that through this season our children will understand that they are “resurrection kids!” We want them to know deeply that because of the resurrection, we can now live out the promise of Sunday morning – it is no longer Saturday night. Instead, Christ has conquered the grave and in doing so He reunited us with our creator. Now we live in the freedom and richness of His grace and all that He is able to do in our lives.

Praise God, that we are all resurrection kids! Praise God for the promise that He will and is able to make all things new! Our prayer is that as you walk through this season of lent God will make new your understanding of what it means to be a “resurrection kid” and that your family will experience the freedom and blessings that come with this new reality.

YVCS Leadership Team 2013-14


Monday Mail

Hi Parents,

We trust that you are enjoying this beautiful spring weather! The kids sure are- and we are so thankful that our campus affords such beautiful grass and space for our children to play. The Leadership Team, teachers, and staff have been working diligently on enforcing rules and policies that continue to keep our kids safe. Thank you for your support of these rules as you watch your kids after school or use the playground while you visit with one another.

We always like to celebrate the great things that happen at YVCS. Chapel last Friday was one of those kinds of things! Our 3rd grade girls ministered to us through a fabulous reader’s theater depicting Jesus teaching from the Sermon on the Mount. Then, the Rosenberg’s, missionaries from a remote mountainous region in China, shared with us how they are using farming and grafting of apricot trees to share the gospel message with the people there. What a blessing it was to hear from people who are working so tirelessly for the gospel!

Finally, and most importantly, we want to encourage all of you to attend tonight’s meeting at 7 p.m. at YVCS concerning the 2014-2015 school year at YVCS. The meeting will share with you the school’s plan to continue on into the next year, what that will look like, and how it will be done. Please let the office know if you will need child care.

Thank you for continued support of YVCS!

YVCS Leadership Team 2013-14


Monday Mail

Dear Parents,

WOW! Last week was an incredible week for the staff and teachers! Your notes, gifts, and thoughtful comments made us feel especially appreciated. Thank you for the extra time and effort you put into making the week so special!

As a leadership team, we are taking the month of March to evaluate campus safety. In this process we are working closely with all of the teachers and staff to fine tune our playground rules, among other things. We believe that when we have clear guidelines and our children understand these expectations, we will be able to keep them safe.

We appreciate your help in this process. As you come after school to pick up your children, enjoy one another, and take advantage of our fabulous CA weather, we ask that you keep a close eye on your children while they are on the playground. Safety matters! And we appreciate your support in helping us keep the YVCS campus safe and fun for all.

YVCS Leadership Team 2013-14


Take Me Out to the Ball Game…




…And Step Up to the Plate for YVCS!  April 5th is The “Official” YVCS Tailgate Party!!!  Come join us.

SAVE THE DATES!!! Purchase tickets here: www.athletics.com/ygnaciovalley.

PLEASE support our school by purchasing Oakland A’s tickets to see any (or all) of the following games:

(PROMO: Back-to-Back AL West Champs Fleece Blanket for the 1st 15K fans) PLUS YVCS Pre-game Tailgate Party!!!

(PROMO: Josh Donaldson Diorama Bobblehead for the 1st 20K fans)

(PROMO: Breast Cancer Awareness & Mother’s Day)

MONDAY 5/26 – 1:05pm vs. DETROIT TIGERS
(PROMO: Elephant BP Cap for first 1st 10K fans)

THURSDAY 6/19 – 7:05pm vs. BOSTON RED SOX (Premium Game)

(PROMO: Postgame – Kids Run the Bases)


Treat your self to an A’s game



Fellowship & Grub!






ALL DAY Thursday March 6, from 11am-9pm!


Hang up your apron and dine out for The World’s Greatest Burger(R), some assembly required!

Come support YVCS at Fuddrucker’s in Concord (in the Willows Shopping Center).


The school will get 20% from every order placed.  The FUNDRAISING FLYER MUST be submitted

at time of order (click here for the flyer or forward this email as an invitation to your friends).


Please print copies of the flyer and pass them out to all your friends and/or drop them in your neighbors’ mailboxes this weekend!!!



See you there!


From the Leadership Team – Registration

As the leadership team, our hearts are always eager to celebrate the learning that takes place at YVCS. We are confident that what occurs in the classrooms each day is exceptional. The staff and teachers at YVCS are unmatched and it is clear to us that despite the financial challenges of the school, the learning and the educational experience offered at YVCS is unparalleled.

As you know, this is a defining week for YVCS. Thank you to all who have re-enrolled your children. Our enrollment deadline is quickly approaching. In order for us to make good decisions about learning next year, however, we need strong and firm numbers. While in the past we have been able to extend the enrollment period through the summer, we are no longer in a position where we can do that. If you plan to re-enroll your children, you must do so by this Friday, February 28. We appreciate you understanding and honoring this deadline.

Glad He is in Control,

The Leadership Team


Registration Time

We want to encourage you to fill out your re-enrollment application and get it back to the office. Every packet that comes in helps us think about the possibilities for next year. Your re-enrollment is helping us make good decisions about meeting the needs of the YVCS families. While the deadline is February 28, we appreciate your urgent attention to this matter.

We are praying for you, our school, and for more rain. May God’s blessings rain down on us both literally and figuratively as we engage in the most important work of partnering with your family in the education of your children?

Thank you for your continued support of Ygnacio Valley Christian School.