What sets us apart

Established in 1972, Ygnacio Valley Christian School is dedicated to providing a biblically-centered education in collaboration with Christian families to equip students to become followers of Jesus Christ, serving God in their homes, church and community.

Our programs are designed to provide students with the mastery of the fundamental concepts necessary for achievement in each academic subject area.

Our Curriculum Partners:

Our Curriculum Partners are chosen for their seamless integration of a biblical worldview.

"Choosing a preschool for our child when she had never been under someone else’s care was pretty daunting for us as parents but also for our toddler. From the very first day, Aria has been so enamored with her teachers and classmates - so much so that she never wants the school day to end! We are so comforted to know she is in such wonderful hands and are so glad we chose YVCS to nurture our daughter's growth and development in a faith-filled environment. Thank you YVCS!"
Natalie B.