Our Mission is to provide a biblically centered education by collaborating with families to equip students to be followers of Jesus Christ in their homes, church, and community.


Dear Interested Family,

If you are a family with children from Preschool through Eighth grade, I would like to invite you to our campus to meet with me and our wonderful teachers! I would be delighted take you on a personal tour of our classrooms and campus while your child "shadows" a class for a morning or afternoon. This is the best way a child can meet students they may already know and develop a comfort level about attending our school.

We are a Christian school dedicated to providing a biblically centered education in collaboration with Christian families to equip students to become followers of Jesus Christ, serving God in their homes, church and community.

There are four areas in which we consider ourselves distinctive in our purpose. FAITH, FAMILY. EXCELLENCE. SERVANT LEADERSHIP. We look forward to showing you how these distinctives impact our daily schedule and teaching.

Ilyn Kagawan
Principal + Preschool Educator


Established in 1972, and located in Concord, California, Ygnacio Valley Christian School is dedicated to providing a biblically centered education in collaboration with Christian families to equip students to become followers of Jesus Christ, serving God in their homes, church and community. Our programs are designed to provide students with the mastery of the fundamental concepts necessary for achievement in each academic subject area.


year YVCS Began



Our school is non-denominational and independent of a church. We believe in Jesus as the world’s only redeemer and the Bible as God’s inerrant word. We believe that Godly character is an outflowing of the redeemed heart and not the basis of salvation. Instruction from God’s Word and dependence of the Holy Spirit is the foundation of everything we do.



The Bible establishes the family as God’s primary educators of children. We provide an environment that will serve Christian families by collaborating with parents to educate and disciple their children.



Each student is encouraged to discover God’s design and purpose for his or her life and learn to lead by serving others, therefore, influencing the world for His glory.



The measure of Excellence is individual. We expect students to do their best within their capabilities and striving toward personal excellence regardless of their peers. Our staff pursues excellence in all we do. 




Preschool - Mrs. Ilyn Kagawan + Mrs. Dina Sanchez
Kindergarten - Mrs. Kristy Nass
1/2 - Ms. Kate O'Keefe
3/4 - Mrs. Inga Gonzenbach
5/6 - Ms. Megan Fetterly
7/8 - Mrs. Marjorie Kerr
Mathematics + Science - Dr. Neethi Jonathan
Physical Education - Mr. Noel Lingad
Spanish - Mrs. Dina Sanchez



Ilyn Kagawan Principal
Arisai Navarrete Office Administrator 
Charlotte Miller BookKeeper



Alysse Tanovitz - Chairwoman
Ben Lou - Vice Chairman
Carly Kimmel - Secretary
Virginia Siegel - Treasurer
Adolfo Sanchez
Annalisa Lung
Cesley Frost
Mike Moore
Tom Grayson (Honorary)



Paula Frost, Classroom Assistant 

Harold Frost, Grounds Keeper


Mrs. Kristy Nass

I wanted to be a teacher for as long as I can remember. I graduated with a degree in Elementary Education from the University of Wisconsin in Madison and taught upper elementary grades in Minnesota for four years. When we moved to California, I enrolled at Hayward State to complete a 5th year, emphasizing reading instruction and clearing a California teaching credential. For 19 years I applied this knowledge in home schooling my 5 children from K through 8th grade, and now for the past 20 years I have been teaching Kindergarten at YVCS.

Our Teaching Staff

1/2nd Grade 
It seems I’ve never left school and that’s OK with me!
I earned my B.A. in Liberal Studies from CSU East Bay with a Minor in Environmental Studies in 2012.  Since then, I’ve gained much experience with children as a school aide, substitute, and third grade teacher. Every step was led by God. Ygnacio Valley Christian School offered me a great opportunity to work for them and I jumped at the chance in 2015.

Ms. Kate O'Keefe

3/4 Grade
I am a pastor’s wife of 21 years, and a mother of 4. I earned my B.S. in Human Development from UC Davis, have worked with children since my early teens, taught preschool and kindergarten for several years in my early twenties, and home-schooled my own children for ten years using Classical philosophy and methods of education, and have taught every grade level from kindergarten through graduation. For the last 9 years I have also served my small but growing church as the Children’s Director. Since the 2018-19 school year, I have had the joy of teaching 4th Grade at YVCS!

Mrs. Inga Gonzenbach

5/6 Grade
I am a proud K-8 YV alum, and I know that this school set the foundation of my faith in stone. I have an AA degree in Early Childhood Education from Diablo Valley College, and a Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies from Liberty University. I have attended two special workshop forums on accommodations for students with learning challenges, and 5 professional development conferences on education. I taught junior kindergarten for three years prior to taking the third grade position at YVCS in 2016.

Ms. Megan Fetterly

7th/8th Grade
More than fifteen years ago, as a recent Cal. State East Bay
graduate, I interviewed for a job at YVCS. When the Lord led me to teach in that first middle school classroom I had no idea what I was in for. I have experienced profound satisfaction in helping my students navigate the curriculum, develop confidence, and most importantly, nurture a personal relationship with the Lord which allows them to really understand WHOSE they are.

Mrs. Marjorie Kerr

Science + Math 
I'm a Christian, wife, mom, educator, and engineer, in that order. I grew up in India, and completed my Ph.D. in Applied Mechanics from the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology, Madras. Then, I was an Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering at SSN College, India where I taught fundamental engineering courses for 2 years. After moving to the USA, I was a Research Scientist at an engineering firm in New Jersey for 4 years. My passion has always been to teach, and share my God-given love for Math and logic with youngsters. I'm so blessed that God found a way to reunite me with my passion after I moved to California, in a way only He can. I teach Math for grades 1-3 and 5-8 here.

Dr. Neethi Jonathan

Preschool + Immersion Spanish - Bio coming soon

Mrs. Dina Sanchez

Preschool Teacher + Principal
Bio coming soon

Mrs. Ilyn Kagawan

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