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For what would it profit a man to gain the whole world and forfeit his soul?" Mark 8:35


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"Together, let's nurture your child's mind, spirit, and character, providing a purposeful education that glorifies God in all they do."

Join YVCS for an enriching experience that goes beyond academics.

Our warm and welcoming campus is waiting for you and your child. Meet our dedicated teachers and take a personal tour of our classrooms and grounds. Your child can even "shadow" a class for a morning or afternoon, allowing them to connect with potential new friends and feel at ease in our school community.

At YVCS, we are more than just educators – we are a Christian school committed to providing a biblically centered education. Our mission is to equip students to become followers of Jesus Christ, serving God in their homes, church, and community. We believe in the power of faith, family, excellence, and servant leadership, which drive our daily schedule and teaching practices.

Join us in nurturing your child's mind, spirit, and character. Let's work together to give them a purposeful and meaningful education, dedicated to glorifying God in all that they do.

I look forward to meeting you soon!

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Join us as we embark on this educational adventure together, nurturing your child's potential and preparing them for a bright future.