Homeschool Partnership

Homeschool Parntership

Our mission to support families has led us to partner with parents who chose to home educate as their primary means of schooling. We are excited to work alongside homeschool families, offering a close knit, local community and part-time campus classes.

Students enrolled in the Homeschool Partnership program may register for one or more classes on campus and are invited to join the YVCS community by participating in Friday chapel, Christmas programs, field trips and school wide events.

Middle school students (6th to 8th grade) have the unique opportunity to attend YVCS’s Leadership Academy and choose classes by subject (math, science, history or language arts, attending 5 times per week) or middle school electives (P.E., Spanish and music). Homeschool students are also eligible to attend Junior High Fall Science Camp.


Elementary students (K to 5th grade) can choose to participate in a half school day. This could be all classes until lunch time or all classes after lunch time; or choose from individual elective classes, including P.E. (3 times per week), Spanish (2 times per week) and music.

Morning and afternoon students may join classes for lunch before school and after school care.

Every registered homeschool student may join class field trips (paying additional fees as you go) and may participate in school holiday programs. Junior high students are invited to join the  Science Creation Camp (invoiced separately from classes).

The Asset after-school classes are another option for homeschoolers to include fun extra curricular subjects once a week.

No parent minimum volunteer hours are required for homeschool parents, but we invite parents to join the volunteer community at any time.

As registered YVCS Homeschool Students, Rules of Conduct apply.

Students receive grades for their courses based on participation and assigned work per teacher’s grading policy. There is not an option for auditing, surveying classes or tailoring assignments for students. Homeschool parents can utilize the grade given by the teacher or not.

How to Register

If you are interested in partnering with us for your child’s home education needs:

  1. Schedule a campus tour and meet with Principal Ilyn Kagawan to discuss how we can serve you.
  2. Click here to register your child
  3. Email any additional questions to Principal Ilyn Kagawan

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