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After School Care

A comprehensive learning and character-building environment in an area with busy and hard-working parents, it takes more than classes, books and studying. We look to provide a rich After School Care program on the campus. Whether you have a meeting running later than normal, children napping at home or  whatever the case, you can rest easy that the students will be taken care of with the After School Care leader(s).  

Extended Care is open
7:00-8:15am & 3:15-6:00pm 

Billed Hourly at $6 per hour or register for monthly pricing:
   Morning Only $65/month 
   Afternoon Only $195/month
   Morning + Afternoon $250/month

To inquire about joining mid-session, please call the office directly.

ASSET Workshops

Fall and Spring ASSET Workshops are announced at the start of each semester. They are typically 1x per week from 3:20-4:20 and 8 weeks long. 

ASSET Workshop Classes, Spring 2020 
January 27-March 16

Calendar 2020-2021 

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Handbook + Dress Code

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Dress Code

YVCS desires to create an educational atmosphere that maximizes learning. Modesty, moderation, neatness, cleanliness and gender distinction are the overriding principles of the YVCS dress code policy in harmony with Purpose, Value and Vision. Students are required to abide by the dress code policy always. The students’ dress should reflect pride in their school and respect for themselves. Enforcement of the dress code policy, like all other discipline matters, is based on cooperation among students, parents and the school. The school, however, is the final authority on the dress code policy and other discipline issues. If, in the opinion of the school, a student’s dress is inappropriate, a parent may be called and required to bring a new, acceptable change of clothes to the school. It is a violation of the dress code policy to show underwear, midriff, lower back or cleavage at any time (including when leaning over or raising the arms). Clothing that is tight, baggy, dirty or sloppy is not allowed. Items that are torn or cut in any way are prohibited. Appropriateness of overall appearance will be left to the discretion of the administration.

We believe that your student’s success in school is dependent upon good communication between school and home. We encourage your participation and invite you to express your suggestions or concerns.

We are praying for your student’s continued growth and success and for you as we partner in this journey together.

Hot Lunch Program


Come Back Soon for this update!

We are currently designing car magnets, t-shirts with logo and design choices AND color options for the whole family to show YVCS pride. Finally we are working on an easy Online Ordering System.

Volunteer and Giving

Please contact the office for opportunities to serve in our school. We can't do it without help from our parents and grandparents!

Currently we are working on the campus to keep our students healthy and safe after changes. If you are looking for ways to help, our biggest need is to get ready for opening on August 31, 2020.  

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