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YVCS has several fundraisers in place this year to fill further needs and help us give our staff and students a better learning experience.

Please plan to be involved in attending and spreading the word with these fundraising efforts.

All families signed an additional $1500 donation commitment and we strive to give you many opportunities to meet these commitments through events, activities and fundraisers. If you plan to engage with the school and commit $150 a month towards this goal per month, per family our school will remain fully funded.

*** Dependent Daycare Program (FSA) : does your employer have a Dependent Daycare Program? The school can help you determine how to maximize these pre-Tax dollars to work in your favor as well as to help YVCS.

01. Fundraising

02. Specific Donation

These are the following items we would like to invest in as a school, should we have additional income from donations:

Specific Needs

  • New Portable Classroom
  • Playground Equipment
  • New Library Books
  • Teacher Christmas Bonus
  • Scholarship Fund Contributions

03. Volunteer Opportunities

Time is a rare commodity among families with young children, two working parents, and even life in the Bay Area. We are so grateful for any help and would love volunteers for the following:

time is Your Gift

  • Teacher's Aide's
  • Skilled services
  • Room Parent
  • Any Substitute Teachers in our midst?

Keep Track of your Volunteer Hours Here

04. Financial Contribution

Any contributions are tax deductible and will be credited to your family fundraising goal. If there is a specific need, please indicate the purpose of your contribution. 

We have a Scholarship Fund! There are families that attend YVCS who have undergone financial hardship and would be grateful for any assistance.

One-Time Donation + Pledges

Select the Blue Heart Button to be directed to secure payment. A PayPal account is not required.