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01. About the Homeschool Partnership

Ygnacio Valley Christian School believes that each child is an individual, made in the image of God with the potential to serve Him in whatever capacity He calls them to. We know that this journey will look different for every student. Our mission to support families in their endeavor to educate the whole person has led us to partner with parents that have chosen to home educate as their primary means of schooling. YVCS is excited to come along side homeschool families offering a close knit local community and part-time campus classes. 

Families enrolled in the Homeschool Partnership program at any level are invited to join the YVCS community by participating in Friday chapel, Christmas program, field trips and school wide events.

Middle School students (6th-8th) have the unique opportunity to attend YVCS’s Leadership Academy and choose classes by subject (Math, Science, History or Language arts, attending 5x week) or Middle school electives (P.E., Spanish and Music). Homeschool students are also eligible to attend Jr. High Fall Science Camp 2021 and ACSI Leadership conference.

02. Options

Elementary students (K - 5) can choose to participate in a half school day. Either all classes until lunch time, all classes after lunch time or to choose from individual elective classes, including Physical Education (3x week), Spanish (2x a week) and Music. The Asset after-school classes are another option for homeschoolers to include fun extra curricular subjects once a week.

Elementary level


No parent minimum volunteer hours are required for homeschool parents but YVCS invites parents to join the volunteer community at any time.

Every registered homeschool student may join class field trips (paying additional fees as you go) and may participate in school holiday programs. Jr. High students are invited to join the Summer Science Creation Camp (invoiced separately from classes).

Morning and Afternoon students may join classes for lunch and participate in the hot lunch program on Mondays and Fridays and before school and after school care.

Homeschool students are required to follow Ygnacio Valley Christian School’s Rules of Conduct.

Students receive grades for their courses based on participation and assigned work per teacher’s grading policy. There is not an option for auditing, surveying classes or tailoring assignments for students. Homeschool parents can utilize the grade given by the teacher or not.

Middle School Level

03. Pricing for 2020-2021

Annual Registration = $150 per student, discount when registering more than one student
Class prices below may be paid monthly or as full or half year tuition

Morning Full schedule (8:30am - 11:30am) = $420 monthly includes Bible class & 1 free elective*
Morning Full year (August - May) Total = $3,780 *this amount may differ slightly for Leadership Academy 

Afternoon Full schedule (12pm - 3pm) = $230 monthly includes 1 core class, P.E. & 1 free elective 
Afternoon Full year (August - May) Total = $2,160 *this amount may differ slightly by grade K - 8

Part Time Student

K through 8th / Morning Classes
Full Instruction 8:30am - 11:30am / 45 min each class / 5x a week
Core Classes include: Math ($150), Language Arts ($150), Social Studies ($150)
Bible Class is included at no charge with a full morning schedule

K through 8th / Afternoon Classes
Full Instruction 12pm - 3pm / 45 min class time / Flip scheduling for Electives
One Core + Elective Classes: Science ($150), Music 2x week ($60), Art 2x week ($60), Spanish 2x week ($60), P.E. 3x week ($90)

Homeschool Partnership classes monthly a la carte 
Core Classes 5x a week $150 each / P.E 3 x a week $90 / Electives 2x a week $60
Homeschool Partnership enrolled in 3 or more classes
Core Classes 5x a week $140 each, includes 1 free elective* 
*Spanish/Art/Music/PE as electives. 

Asset After-school classes (3:15pm - 4:15pm) = $100 a class / 8 weeks
Elective class descriptions posted seasonally, 8 weeks in Fall, 8 weeks in Spring. Request to receive emails with updated information.

A La Carte Pricing

05. How to register

If you are interested in partnering with Ygnacio Valley Christian for your student’s home education needs, your next steps are to …

First: Schedule a campus tour (See Link Below) and meet with Principal Ilyn Kagawan to discuss where YVCS can serve you.

Next: Register your students link below

Direct additional questions to Cristina Eklund,

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