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Barley Sheaf Engagement Session

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Summer Longwood Gardens Engagement Session

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01. Preschool Philosophy

Our Preschool's objective is to provide a nurturing learning environment that seeks to compliment the training that takes place in the home. While at this age, we do educate, our goal is to prepare the children socially, intellectually, emotionally, spiritually and physically for kindergarten. We also hope to foster a love for learning, while developing a love for God and His creation.

The Bible Story of the Week provides the springboard from which we plan our preschool curriculum. Circle Time includes language, literature, music, and movement.

Mrs. Dina Sanchez
A longtime YVCS parent, Mrs Sanchez is our Immersion Spanish teacher for our Middle and Grade School students in addition to teaching full time at the Preschool. She has been an answer to prayer for our school. God's timing has been perfect in coordinating Mrs. Sanchez's qualifications to join us.

02. Preschool Teachers

Mrs. Ilyn Kagawan
As a long-time children's ministry leader in church, Mrs. Kagawan has been teaching choir and young children throughout her career. While her specialty is with preschool students, she is also the YVCS Principal and has her Master's Degree in Education Administration. 

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